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Enterprise Employment Management 

Empowering employees provided the autonomy to take action and automate HR tasks efficiently. Our class leading employee management solution can manage, develop and optimize all your routine HR processes.

Through our robust Employee Management Module, you can create a comprehensive employee database, that is easily retrievable, secure, and with zero duplication.  To support your hierarchal needs, the system allows you to custom build organizational structures that specifically serve your business.

Streamline company workflows and effectively communicate project/task/job demands avoiding any role confusion among employees. Effective Employee Management gives your organisation a competitive edge in the market, maximizing performance and employee productivity.

Employee Management can be challenging.  With the help of our robust solution, your enterprise can organize and structure to improve clarity for your employees, avoiding any role confusion while giving autonomy to employees to manage their responsibilities.

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Empower Employees

Reduce time and costs in your company with a solution that lets the employees manage their requests, approvals, and professional details.

Organizational Chart

Easily view the company structure and employee levels to assure clarity in company roles and organisation

Digital Signatures

Make HR processes completely digital and paperless with online digital signatures

Real-Time Data Syncing

Ensure employees across the organization are updated. Data entered on the software is instantly published across the entire dashboard

Easy Access

Information readily available and accessible from desktop and mobile to update employees whenever required

Robust Security

Protect sensitive information and avoid breach of data by only giving access to authorized personnel in your company

Customized Approval Flows

Subject to your business policies and local legislative requirements, customize approvals and accordingly configure workflows

Implement Self-Service

Reduce manual tasks and overheads by empowering employees to update and access personal information

Get Notified

With real time notifications, avoid delays in approvals and manage employee change requests


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