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Enterprise Leave Management 

Leave management reporting is a key resource management issue. It is crucial for appropriate leave planning to optimize resources and manage business needs.

Efficiently manage all your employee time off requests. Even if your policies are complex, our HCM solution supports 200+ configurations of leave policies allowing you to stay compliant, making it the most flexible leave management software for any enterprise. Subject to your organizational needs and policies, the leave management module lets you set company policies with easy configurations.

Our leave management module lets you configure leave policies with utmost transparency and uniformity. Employees can request leave based on their requirements and employee information is displayed on a single dashboard. Complete access to leave history and employee leave information is available making it easier for employees will be able to assess the best time to apply for leaves to manage the projects based on their team schedules and give approvals.

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Ensure compliance to leave policies by enforcing leave requests are checked against set policies policies

Accruals and Carryovers

Subject to your organisations policies and rules, allow automatic carryovers and access to accrued leave

Configurable Approvals

With a customisable approval process, configure leave approvals as per your organisation’s policies

Mobile App

Enable remote leave requests and approvals using the mobile app

Employee Insights

Gain insights on leaves, view trends and plan from visually structured and organized employee data

Synchronizing with Payroll

Create a lasting positive offboarding experience through efficiently processing end of service benefits and settlements in a customisable workflow.


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