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Enterprise Rewards & Recognition

A survey of HR professionals resulted in 68% stating organisational recognition programs positively impacts employee retention rate. Rewards and recognition reinforce desireable workplace behavior and enhance employee relations.

Our platform offers Value-based Employee Recognition feature in our Rewards & Recognition Module leading to greater employee engagement and increases retention and create a more positive overall workplace.

Build a stronger cohesive team and celebrate employee wins, establish rewards policy, and recognize the high potential talent. Configure awards, plan budget, establish a nomination process within the module and recognize MVP (most valuable player) of the organization.

Through suites of rewards, let your employees know they are appreciated and valued in the organization. Create approval workflows to your organization needs, create leaderboards to increase employee motivation leading to retention of talent and performance standards.

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Human Capital Management

Configure Budgets

Plan your budgets and track utilization in real time to create effective rewards and recognition in the organization

Human Capital Management

Configure Awards and Points

Awards can be configured subject to your organizations requirements & points award can be configured based on the award type

Human Captial Management

Rewards Sharing

Points can be allocated to every employee to share to foster a culture of appreciation

Employee Management & Payroll


Based on awards and rewards points received, leaderboards can be created

Human Captial Management

Nomination Process

Employees can self-nominate to claim the rewards, the best performer is objectively selected through a nomination process

Enterprise Employee management

Notifications & Alerts

Auto send notifictions and alerts during the award process


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