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Enterprise Time & Attendance

Control and track employee attendance and set attendance policies that provide flexibility to create a motivated and productive workforce. With our functional attendance system, you benefit from a cloud-based attendance tracking system that you control, monitor and view from anywhere and at anytime.

Employees value organizations that communicate their policies clearly and effectively. With our HCM you can set attendance policies, overtime policies, on-duty policies and effectively communicate them throughout the organization. Our Attendance Tracking module facilitates HR to track employees in real time and generate attendance reports with accuracy and speed.

Attendance information from biometric devices, mobile devices using geo tagging and geo fencing generates accurate employee attendance data. With the attendance management module you can automate non-compliance rules without any , manual intervention and integrate financial affecting attendance rules with the payroll system.

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Employee Management & Payroll Management

Shift Scheduling

Subject to working patterns and organisational needs, you can configure and automate shift rosters

Employee Management & Payroll Management

Bio-metric Integration

Enable seamless attendance and data integration with your bio-metric system

Payroll Management

Attendance Tracking

Configure geo tagging and geo fencing for mobile punch-ins to track attendance without need of biometric or physical attendance devices

Employee Management & Payroll Management

Generate Reports

Automated customisable reports to provide a transparent view of your workforce productivity and other insights

Employee Management & Payroll

Overtime & Shift Allowances

Set overtime and shift allowance policies and configure with payroll for automated payroll calculation

Enterprise Employee management

Instant Notifications

Send automated, real time notifications to employees in case of any policy violations


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