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An Outsource UAE HR Partner Creates A Better Performance Culture For SMEs

Jan 19, 2024 / Haroon Juma / HR & Payroll

Outsource HR

For many business owners in the UAE, instilling a company policy that supports a performance culture managing employees amongst the numerous daily tasks can be challenging. Policies and other HR systems shape your business’s culture and performance. It is very easy to dilute these goals if performance management policies are not consistently applied. This is very common if a business owner is continuously in contact with their team. Concessions are an easy route to maintaining a pleasant working relationship. 

In any business, the enforcement of company policies is critical for maintaining order, shaping workplace culture, and ensuring legal compliance. In this article, we explore the benefits a separate Outsource HR or inhouse Human Resources (HR) function plays in enforcing company policies  

Policy Communication and Education: 

The UAE hosts a diverse workforce that needs to the company’s goals and policies communicated with care and thought to cultural norms. Effective policy enforcement begins with clear communication and education. It is more effective for HR acts as the channel for disseminating essential information, ensuring that every employee, irrespective of cultural background, is clear on company policies. Through targeted communication strategies, Outsource HR can sets the foundation for successful enforcement in the context of the UAE workforce. 

The proactive approach using a separate HR function fosters an understanding and establishes a foundation of transparency and openness within the organization. 

Consistent Implementation in the UAE: 

Consistent application of policies is paramount in the UAE business environment both from a statutory and company performance perspective. A separated HR, as the custodian of fairness and impartiality, ensures that policies are implemented uniformly across all levels of the organization, fostering trust among the multicultural workforce. This consistency contributes to a harmonious and uniform work environment where employees understand that everyone is held to the same standards, regardless of cultural or hierarchical differences. 

An outsource HR support such as SimplySolved can create a culture where deviations from policies are not tolerated, promoting unity and mutual respect among employees from diverse backgrounds. 

Creation of a Policy Enforcement Framework in the UAE: 

Establishing a comprehensive framework for policy enforcement is a task tailor-made for HR professionals. Ideally a well-structured employee offer documentation and handbook provides clarity to employees. A handbook can promote clear protocols, well-defined procedures, and processes that align with local legal requirements. A transparent and organized framework embedded in an HR platform simplifies the enforcement process, providing both employees and management with a policy based methodology embedded in HR tasks to navigate policy-related matters. 

The framework can be dynamic and adaptable to the specific cultural and legal nuances of the UAE, ensuring that the enforcement mechanisms remain effective and aligned with the organization’s goals. 

An outsource HR takes the lead in the initial approvals process to avoid policy violations. By maintaining eligibility rules and remaining objective, an outsource HR can ensure a fair and impartial application of the rules. 

Only through a consistent application can a UAE business owner drive the necessary performance and compliance with company goals. 

Employee Training on Policies in the UAE: 

A proactive approach to policy enforcement includes communication programs designed to reinforce the importance of compliance. An outsource HR organise can develop briefing packs and organise online training sessions. Well-informed employees are more likely to adhere to policies, reducing the likelihood of unintentional violations. 

Beyond language considerations, an outsource HR can ensure that training programs are culturally relevant, acknowledging the diverse perspectives within the UAE workforce. This not only enhances the learning experience but also encourages a culture of continuous improvement to align their behavior with evolving policies. 

Alignment with UAE Legal Standards: 

The UAE Labor Law specifies several obligations for employers and employees. Legal compliance is a critical aspect of policy enforcement, and an outsourced HR ensures that company policies align with the UAE‘s legal standards. The regulatory landscape is unique to the UAE, and professional outsource HR support will stay abreast of local legal requirements, ensuring that policies are legally sound. 

By aligning policies with UAE legal standards, outsource HR can protect the organization from legal repercussions that can develop a risk-averse environment. Moreover, this alignment reinforces the importance of adherence to policies among employees, as they recognize the legal and cultural foundation upon which the policies are set. 

Communication of Consequences: 

A fundamental aspect of effective policy enforcement is the clear communication of consequences associated with policy violations. Policy enforcement can be embedded in good HR platforms and outsource HR can also take the lead in articulating these consequences, whether they involve disciplinary actions, termination procedures, or other relevant measures when set in the company handbook. 

Transparent communication regarding consequences serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it ensures that employees are aware of the potential outcomes of non-compliance, acting as a deterrent against engaging in inappropriate behavior. Secondly, it fosters a culture of accountability where employees understand the direct correlation between their actions and the resulting consequences. 

Continuous Monitoring and Feedback: 

The role of an outsource HR in policy enforcement doesn’t end with the implementation of policies. Continuous monitoring is crucial for sustained effectiveness. An outsource HR provider can regularly assess policy adherence and identify areas for improvement. 

This ongoing process allows business owners to make necessary adjustments to policies and enforcement strategies, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness. The iterative nature of this monitoring and feedback loop reflects a businesses commitment to continuous improvement in policy enforcement. 

Cultivating a Culture of Compliance: 

Beyond the mechanical aspects of enforcement, an outsource HR partner can contributes significantly to the development of a culture where compliance is ingrained in the organizational mindset. Consistent enforcement, clear communication, and fair resolution of issues, an outsource HR partner create an environment where employees recognize the importance of adhering to policies as a collective responsibility. 

This plays a crucial role in instilling a sense of pride among employees in being part of an organization that upholds high standards of integrity and compliance, respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds within the workforce. This self-managing loop is a a self-regulating force where employees in the UAE actively contribute to the maintenance of a compliant workplace. 

Documentation and Auditing  

In the domain of policy enforcement, documentation is not just a bureaucratic requirement; it is a strategic necessity. An outsource HR partner can maintain meticulous records ensuring compliance with local regulations. This documentation serves as a historical reference, providing valuable insights into employee matters. 

Furthermore, this wealth of information is invaluable during audits, both internal and external, ensuring that the organization remains proactive in addressing compliance issues in line with UAE regulations. 


In essence, the effective enforcement of company policies is a multi-tiered and dynamic task that requires the expertise and cultural sensitivity of specialist HR understanding. From the initial communication and education of policies to consistent implementation and continuous monitoring, an outsource HR partner can play a pivotal role in creating a workplace where policies are not only established but actively adhered to, respecting the unique cultural and legal landscape of the UAE. 

As business owners navigate the complexities of the region to drive performance, investing in a robust HR enforcement mechanism is not just a necessity; it is a strategic imperative for fostering a culture of compliance and ensuring long-term organizational success. The intricate relationship between policy creation and enforcement, controlled by an outsource HR partner, can shapes the organization. It will foster an environment where employees thrive, and the company flourishes in its pursuit of excellence. 

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