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HR Outsourcing for Small Businesses: Transform HR & Reduce Costs With Our Solutions

June 1, 2020 / Haroon Juma / HR & Payroll Blogs

HR Outsourcing

Successful companies are constantly searching for more efficient and cost-effective measures to better run their internal business operations. Some companies build in-house expertise and resources to implement strong processes and systems while others focus on their core competencies and work with partners to complement their weaknesses.

In the second scenario, outsourcing to a partner or HR consultant in Dubai is an especially attractive option to reduce costs and gain additional expertise on non-core processes such as administrative HRM and payroll.  Therefore HR Outsourcing can be a smart investment for businesses and in this blog, we discuss the benefits and implications you should consider. 

HR Outsourcing

Why is outsourcing HRM & payroll a good option and what should you consider?

1. Reducing Risks

In the UAE where employment legislation is subject to specific compliance obligations. Your businesses will require specialist skills, keeping updated on changing regulations and manage legal obligations. This can lead to additional expenditure especially if you have limited workload or lack in-house capabilities.

If your business is seeking cost reduction goals, the case for outsourcing your Human Resource Management and Payroll is strong and can yield 40% cost benefits. In turn this can enable your business to prioritise scarce capital and cashflow.

2. Manage Risks

Working with a experienced and knowledgeable HR and Payroll partner will also protect your business from non-compliance penalties under the UAE Legislation. The UAE Labor law requires specific obligations for every employer. A reliable HR outsiurcing business partner will be able to manage these risks on your behalf, improve compliance and avoid costly labor issues that could disrupt your business.

 3. Platforms Add Value 

Your partner should systemise your HRM and payroll to deliver a better service and correctly manage your compliance obligations. An efficient business will adopt technology to operate and scale. Therefore, a platform inclusive service must be considered to support WPS requirements, provide cost benefits and deliver faster response with transparency to your employees.

 4. Quality Processes & SLA 

Your partner should also provide a transparent and documented model in the delivery of their service. This is a defining factor if you outsource. Without clarity in the way of working between your business and your partner, your business will fail to meet its cost and efficiency goals and affect your employee’s experience and satisfaction. If your business is lacking full understanding of the Labor Law, they should also advise you on best practices to streamline processes such as payroll, expenses, and leave approvals uplift.

A good HR outsourcing company will concentrate on how they’ll add value to your organisation by delivering cost savings, implementing process improvements, correct compliance issues and allowing you to focus more on your core operations.
At SimplySolved, we deliver superior cost effective HR outsourcing and HR solutions.

Our services are designed to the UAE Labor Legislation combining ISO quality best practice processes and best in class platforms to transform your human resources management.

We provide different value from the other outsource companies in uae.

Contact Us to see how we could reduce your costs and improve your business operations.

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