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Employee Management & Payroll Management Service

We deliver comprehensive services to reduce cost, manage employees, automate company payroll and policies. Our services fully support local payroll management and ensure you stay compliant with Labor Laws.

If your business operates in UAE or KSA and wants to reduce costs in Employee Management and payroll processes, we implement a streamlined service to deliver substantial benefits.

We can deliver our outsource service embedded with a best-in-class cloud platform to fully manage company policies, approvals and manage your employees to increase employee satisfaction.

Whether you need full-featured Employee Management & corporate payroll service, or limited payroll processing services, our best in class cost-effective services l automate Employee Management & Payroll business processes and assure accurate payment of salaries and compliance to the Regulations.

Human Resource Management System

Employee Management & Payroll Management

On-Boarding & Off-Boarding

Payroll Management

Customised Employee Request

Employee Management & Payroll


Employee Management & Payroll

HR Letters

Employee Management & Payroll Management

Vacation & Leave Management

Enterprise Employee Management

Employee Self Service

Employee Management & Payroll Management

Organisation Structure

Employee Management & Payroll Management

Company Document Centre

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What Sets Our Service Apart


UAE Compliant


Full Functionality Platform


WPS Support


ESS, Payroll & Slips

Employee Management & Payroll


How We Deliver


Our advisor will review your existing policies and ensure they are optimised to meet your business requirements.


We set up employee data, insurance, payroll, approval workflows, and required documentation to create a complete Employee Management service.


We train your employees and the Employee Management team to leverage the full functionality and reduce issues in rollout to deliver a rich and reliable service.

Want to Improve Cost & Performance?

We’ll provide best practice quality processes, expertise and platforms to run your business more effectively.

Employee Management & Payroll Resources

Employee Management

Maintain full records of employee details, documents, and compensation. Receive alerts on expiring documents

Company Policies

Support to define HR policies and procedures compliant to legal or company requirements. We can these embed in our service platform


We can set approval flows to manage employee requests. Any approvals can be fully tracked and applied to payroll.

Employee Self-Service

Employees can manage request leaves, expenses, and HR documents from their portal or mobile app.

Salary Deductions & Additions

Employees can request loans or the company can apply deductions according to policies. These automatically affect payroll.

Payroll Management

We provide SLAs for the payroll calculation and processing. Only when payroll is approved do we process payslips and generate an SIF file.

Multi-Company Support

We can support organisations of any size even with multiple locations.

Attendance Recording

In-built geolocation capability can track employees and apply any company policies for late attendance.

Document Management

Store company and employee documents and set rights for access. Ensure your organisation maintains accurate documents in case of audit.

Leave Management

We can advise and implement your companies leave policies. They are accurately tracked to affect payroll & end of service.

Employee Letters

Employee salary certificates or discplinary letters are automated to save time and resources.

End Of Service & Gratuity

Offboarding policies can be set to manage leavers. Any gratuity is calculated to the Labor Law and applied to final payroll.


What types of companies do we work with?

We work with companies across all industries and specialize in supporting SMEs.

How Do We Price Our Service?

Our service is transparently priced as a monthly service retainer. This depends on the number of companies and employees we need to onboard and manage.

What if we don't have documented working policies or procedures?

If your business is seeking assistance, we can propose minimum Labor Law requirements to avoid compliance risks. We support 100’s of companies as a business process outsourcer and our experience can be applied to help your business.

How Do We Deliver Our Service?

Each client is appointed a dedicated consultant who manages our service. The service is set up, training is provided, working processes documented, and the deadline to meet payroll cut-off.

What if new employees are hired or employees leave?

We just need details of the employees to onboard to the service. If they leave, we trigger offboarding procedures and provide end-of-service calculations for approval before being applied to payroll.


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